[Many of the poems listed below may be viewed in PDF format by clicking on the link within the parentheses that follow the bibliographic information.]

“Prayer Before A Sermon in the Nave,” Homage to Soren Kierkegaard (Wiseblood Press, forthcoming)

“And Also With You,” Valiant Scribe (Peace Like a River) 3 (2022): 69 (also here: and also with you )

“Our Sins, To Be Confessed,” Saint Katherine Review (forthcoming)

“Thy Kingdom Come,” Saint Katherine Review (forthcoming)

“Grave Stones,” Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel 25 (2022), 152-154 (also here: grave-stones)

“The Sound of a Tree Falling As We Hear It,” Willows Wept Review 25 (2022): 51 (also here: the-sound-of-a-tree-falling-ww)

“Echoing Impressions,” Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel 24 (2021): 163 (also here: Echoing Impressions )

“Olive Hill Flood,” River Heron Review 4.2 (2021); Best of the Net Nomination (2022); text here: https://www.riverheronreview.com/issue-42#/karl-plank

“Awaiting Rain,” basalt 15 (2021):4 (also here: Awaiting Rain (basalt))

“Janus 4: Guardian of our Breath,” basalt 15 (2021): 4 (also here: JANUS 4-GUARDIAN OF OUR BREATH)

“Impressions Revisited,” Tahoma Literary Review 20 (2021): 16 (also here: IMPRESSIONS); Audio: https://tahomaliteraryreview.com/pages/listen

“Janus 6: A Window is a Door,” Briar Cliff Review 32 (Spring 2021): 27 (also here: JANUS 6 )

“Sentences,” Tiferet (Autumn/Winter 2019): 111-114 (also here: sentences)

“Quiet Night,” Jelly Bucket 9 (2019): 124 (also here: Quiet Night )

“Venus Rising in the City,” The Ekphrastic Review, July 20, 2019 (also here: http://www.ekphrastic.net/ekphrastic/venus-rising-in-the-city-by-karl-plank)

“Neither Can Floods Drown It,” Zone 3  34/1 (2019): 50 (also here: Neither Can Floods Drown It–Zone 3 ; and here: https://www.zone3press.com/entry/view/neither-can-floods-drown-it).

“Decalogue: Rules for the Guests of the Earth and Below,” basalt 13/1 (2019): 4 (also here: decalogue).

“For the Time Being,” basalt  13/1 (2019): 4 (also here: For the time being).

“First Kiss,” Indian River Review 6 (forthcoming, 2019).

“What Botticelli Did Not Portray,” QU  9 (2019): 34 (also here: WHAT BOTTICELLI DID NOT PORTRAY).

“Variations on a West Kerry Saying” and “From Out of the Bass Do I Cry,” Number One 46 (2018): 29-31.

“Wedding Night,” Potomac Review 63 (2018): 150-51 (also here: WEDDING NIGHT (rev)).

“as when a mortal flees a lion,” Bluestem 28/1 ( 2018): 24 (also here: as when a mortal flees a lion (rev 2).

“Options,” The McNeese Review 55 (2018): 196-199 (also here: OPTIONS (McNeese).

“Night Fight: Jabbok Ford,” Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry (2018): 89 (also here: NIGHT-FIGHT (Presence)

“Night Prayer: Bethel” and “He Stammers,” Saint Katherine Review 6/2 (2018): 31-33 (also here: Night-Prayer and STAMMER (REV2)

“How Hunger Sounds,” Ponder Review 1/2 (2017): 10 (also here: HOW HUNGER SOUNDS )

“Apophatic Prayer 3,” The Merton Seasonal  42/2 (Summer 2017): 11 (also here: APOPHATIC PRAYER 3 ).

“But Still We Ate,” New Madrid 12/2 (Summer 2017): 59 (also here: but still we ate).

“Apophatic Prayer 2,” New Madrid 12/2 (Summer 2017): 58 (also here: APOPHATIC PRAYER 2 (NM)).

“Apophatic Prayer,” ARTS 28/2 (Spring 2017): 16 (also here: AN APOPHATIC PRAYER).

“Mudmen,” Briar Cliff Review  29 (Spring 2017): 62 (also here: MUDMEN).

“As A Mother Who Once Had A Child,” Poetry South  8 (2016): 73 (also here: as-a-mother-who-once-had-a-child)

“Well-Lit,” Hospital Drive (Winter 2016-17). See here:  Well-Lit

“Gift From A Mountain Field,” Pittsburgh Poetry Review  4 (2016): 78 (also here: gift-from-a-mountain-field)

“Stability,” Kestrel 35 (Spring 2016): 57 (also, here: STABILITY)

“Hedgerow,” Zone 3 31 (Spring 2016): 37  (also, here: HEDGEROW (pdf) )

“After Eden: Hopper’s Pennsylvania Coal Town,Rappahannock Review 1 (December 2015): http://www.rappahannockreview.com/karl-plank/. Interview and Commentary: http://www.rappahannockreview.com/interview-with-plank/

“Obedience,” Notre Dame Review 41 (Winter, 2016): 88.  Audio: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187993/obedience_2.mp3; Commentary: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187991/author_commentary_ndr_.pdf

“Cave Air,” VDS Voices, August 4, 2015 (https://my.vanderbilt.edu/vanderbiltdivinity/2015/08/alumniae-tuesday-karl-plank/)

“Bonhoeffer, 1939,” The Cresset 78/4 (2015): 28 (http://thecresset.org/2015/Easter/PoemPlank_E15.html)

“Blue Ghosts,” Exit 7 (2015): 15 (also, here: BLUE GHOSTS (pdf) )

“The Sound of One Poem Tapping,” Spiritus 15 (October 2015): 240 (also, here: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187990/3_poems_ndr_.pdf)

“Fireclay,” Still: The Journal (Fall 2015): http://www.stilljournal.net/karl-plank-poetryhs.php

“Double-Exposure” and “Witnessed in the First Month of the Year,” New Madrid 9/2 (Summer 2014): 114-116 (also, here: witnessed-in-the-first-month-sub)

“Gravity,” Beloit Poetry Journal 64/4 (Summer 2014): 8; featured on Poetry Daily, June 2, 2014 (also, here: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187990/3_poems_ndr_.pdf ); reprinted in Loon Magic and Other Night Sounds (Chicago: Outrider Press, 2019).

“Tools of the Trade,” The Meadow (Summer 2014): 79 (also, here: TOOLS OF THE TRADE (pdf) )

“Empty Tomb,”The Anglican Theological Review 75/1 (1993): 116-17

“Ash Wednesday,” The Anglican Theological Review 74/1 (1992): 68-69; reprinted in Beyond Lament. Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust, ed. Marguerite Striar (Northwestern University, 1998): 336-339; and in Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust, ed. Charles Fishman (Time Being Books, 2007): 338-339.


“BOSS,” Limestone: Prose, Poetry, Art (Winter 2015): http://limestone.as.uky.edu/content/boss-0


“Karl Plank on ‘The Work of Language’ and Poetry” (https://www.davidson.edu/news/160314-professor-karl-plank-on-poetry)

“The Poem Hunter,” The Hanoverian (Winter 2014): 22-24 (https://issuu.com/hanover/docs/hanoverian_winter_2014_issuu2)

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