[Many of the poems listed below may be viewed in PDF format by clicking on the link within the parentheses that follow the bibliographic information.]

“And Also With You,” Valiant Scribe (forthcoming)

“Our Sins, To Be Confessed,” Saint Katherine Review (forthcoming)

“Thy Kingdom Come,” Saint Katherine Review (forthcoming)

“Grave Stones,” Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel 25 (2022), forthcoming.

“The Sound of a Tree Falling As We Hear It,” Willows Wept Review 25 (2022): 51 (also here: the-sound-of-a-tree-falling-ww)

“Echoing Impressions,” Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel 24 (2021): 163 (also here: Echoing Impressions )

“Olive Hill Flood,” River Heron Review 4.2 (2021); Best of the Net Nomination (2022); text here: https://www.riverheronreview.com/issue-42#/karl-plank

“Awaiting Rain,” basalt 15 (2021):4 (also here: Awaiting Rain (basalt))

“Janus 4: Guardian of our Breath,” basalt 15 (2021): 4 (also here: JANUS 4-GUARDIAN OF OUR BREATH)

“Impressions Revisited,” Tahoma Literary Review 20 (2021): 16 (also here: IMPRESSIONS); Audio: https://tahomaliteraryreview.com/pages/listen

“Janus 6: A Window is a Door,” Briar Cliff Review 32 (Spring 2021): 27 (also here: JANUS 6 )

“Sentences,” Tiferet (Autumn/Winter 2019): 111-114 (also here: sentences)

“Quiet Night,” Jelly Bucket 9 (2019): 124 (also here: Quiet Night )

“Venus Rising in the City,” The Ekphrastic Review, July 20, 2019 (also here: http://www.ekphrastic.net/ekphrastic/venus-rising-in-the-city-by-karl-plank)

“Neither Can Floods Drown It,” Zone 3  34/1 (2019): 50 (also here: Neither Can Floods Drown It–Zone 3 ; and here: https://www.zone3press.com/entry/view/neither-can-floods-drown-it).

“Decalogue: Rules for the Guests of the Earth and Below,” basalt 13/1 (2019): 4 (also here: decalogue).

“For the Time Being,” basalt  13/1 (2019): 4 (also here: For the time being).

“First Kiss,” Indian River Review 6 (forthcoming, 2019).

“What Botticelli Did Not Portray,” QU  9 (2019): 34 (also here: WHAT BOTTICELLI DID NOT PORTRAY).

“Variations on a West Kerry Saying” and “From Out of the Bass Do I Cry,” Number One 46 (2018): 29-31.

“Wedding Night,” Potomac Review 63 (2018): 150-51 (also here: WEDDING NIGHT (rev)).

“as when a mortal flees a lion,” Bluestem 28/1 ( 2018): 24 (also here: as when a mortal flees a lion (rev 2).

“Options,” The McNeese Review 55 (2018): 196-199 (also here: OPTIONS (McNeese).

“Night Fight: Jabbok Ford,” Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry (2018): 89 (also here: NIGHT-FIGHT (Presence)

“Night Prayer: Bethel” and “He Stammers,” Saint Katherine Review 6/2 (2018): 31-33 (also here: Night-Prayer and STAMMER (REV2)

“How Hunger Sounds,” Ponder Review 1/2 (2017): 10 (also here: HOW HUNGER SOUNDS )

“Apophatic Prayer 3,” The Merton Seasonal  42/2 (Summer 2017): 11 (also here: APOPHATIC PRAYER 3 ).

“But Still We Ate,” New Madrid 12/2 (Summer 2017): 59 (also here: but still we ate).

“Apophatic Prayer 2,” New Madrid 12/2 (Summer 2017): 58 (also here: APOPHATIC PRAYER 2 (NM)).

“Apophatic Prayer,” ARTS 28/2 (Spring 2017): 16 (also here: AN APOPHATIC PRAYER).

“Mudmen,” Briar Cliff Review  29 (Spring 2017): 62 (also here: MUDMEN).

“As A Mother Who Once Had A Child,” Poetry South  8 (2016): 73 (also here: as-a-mother-who-once-had-a-child)

“Well-Lit,” Hospital Drive (Winter 2016-17). See here:  Well-Lit

“Gift From A Mountain Field,” Pittsburgh Poetry Review  4 (2016): 78 (also here: gift-from-a-mountain-field)

“Stability,” Kestrel 35 (Spring 2016): 57 (also, here: STABILITY)

“Hedgerow,” Zone 3 31 (Spring 2016): 37  (also, here: HEDGEROW (pdf) )

“After Eden: Hopper’s Pennsylvania Coal Town,Rappahannock Review 1 (December 2015): http://www.rappahannockreview.com/karl-plank/. Interview and Commentary: http://www.rappahannockreview.com/interview-with-plank/

“Obedience,” Notre Dame Review 41 (Winter, 2016): 88.  Audio: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187993/obedience_2.mp3; Commentary: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187991/author_commentary_ndr_.pdf

“Cave Air,” VDS Voices, August 4, 2015 (https://my.vanderbilt.edu/vanderbiltdivinity/2015/08/alumniae-tuesday-karl-plank/)

“Bonhoeffer, 1939,” The Cresset 78/4 (2015): 28 (http://thecresset.org/2015/Easter/PoemPlank_E15.html)

“Blue Ghosts,” Exit 7 (2015): 15 (also, here: BLUE GHOSTS (pdf) )

“The Sound of One Poem Tapping,” Spiritus 15 (October 2015): 240 (also, here: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187990/3_poems_ndr_.pdf)

“Fireclay,” Still: The Journal (Fall 2015): http://www.stilljournal.net/karl-plank-poetryhs.php

“Double-Exposure” and “Witnessed in the First Month of the Year,” New Madrid 9/2 (Summer 2014): 114-116 (also, here: witnessed-in-the-first-month-sub)

“Gravity,” Beloit Poetry Journal 64/4 (Summer 2014): 8; featured on Poetry Daily, June 2, 2014 (also, here: http://ndreview.nd.edu/assets/187990/3_poems_ndr_.pdf ); reprinted in Loon Magic and Other Night Sounds (Chicago: Outrider Press, 2019).

“Tools of the Trade,” The Meadow (Summer 2014): 79 (also, here: TOOLS OF THE TRADE (pdf) )

“Empty Tomb,”The Anglican Theological Review 75/1 (1993): 116-17

“Ash Wednesday,” The Anglican Theological Review 74/1 (1992): 68-69; reprinted in Beyond Lament. Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust, ed. Marguerite Striar (Northwestern University, 1998): 336-339; and in Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust, ed. Charles Fishman (Time Being Books, 2007): 338-339.


“BOSS,” Limestone: Prose, Poetry, Art (Winter 2015): http://limestone.as.uky.edu/content/boss-0


“Karl Plank on ‘The Work of Language’ and Poetry” (https://www.davidson.edu/news/160314-professor-karl-plank-on-poetry)

“The Poem Hunter,” The Hanoverian (Winter 2014): 22-24 (https://issuu.com/hanover/docs/hanoverian_winter_2014_issuu2)

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